Investment Hub

Client: Santander Banking


Santander UK have identified a client market of customers that have £100,000 or more in savings and wish to offer them a more personal and private banking experience. To give a more individual feel to the private banking mini-site persuaded the client to go for a more minimal look - something contrary to the main public site, a different photographic style and a slimmer font. All of which have given different, yet ‘from the same family’ feel to the site.

The Santander Investment Hub is a secure online service that lets you buy, sell and keep track of investments. You use the information available through the Investment Hub to choose from a wide range of fund investments on offer, from Santander Asset Management and many other fund managers too. 

  • UX and UI design

  • Wireframe layouts

  • InVision UI interactive prototypes

  • Brand & content

  • Site design

  • Asset creation

  • Component creation