Final album cover

Final album cover

TOM RHODES ‘Around the World’ ep

Record cover and Poster Art


AROUND THE WORLD the brand new album of comedian Tom Rhodes and it is called that because it was recorded in 24 different cities around the world!

Starting in Paris and ending in Jerusalem it takes you on an epic journey around the world through jokes, stories and laughter. This album is the result of Tom doing the international comedy circuits for the past 20 years and the album is 3 hours long took 4 years to record all of the tracks.

Brief - I would like you to do an illustration using a provided photo with world monuments behind me. From the cities played on the album.

Swiss Alps, Great Wall Of China, Dome of the Rock, Genghis Kahn statue, Sydney Opera house, etc. Or you can use the photo of me with the back drop being the illustrations of world monuments or some other conceptual idea that you might have. 

Tom was also open to any other optional ideas I could provide, as you’ll see below.

  • Illustration

  • Poster design

  • Art direction

Record Cover - Front

Record Cover - Front

Record Cover - Back

Process - Stage 1

Initial sketch ideas

Sketch v1 - An image of yourself standing among famous buildings and monuments

Sketch v2 - You as the giant Atlas holding up the world - famous monuments can be seen on the globe

Sketch v3 - You holding a mic, with different versions of you standing behind wearing different costumes from around the world.

Process - Stage 2

Alternative Album cover

As requested, we continued to develop the World Monuments idea using a reference photo of Tom.

Process - Stage 3

Alternative Album cover Final

We took the World Monuments idea to its conclusion as seen below.

Tom Rhodes Monumnent pitch 3.png

Process - Stage 4

Album cover Final

Ultimately Tom returned to the Atlas pitch with the Monument image to be used at a later date. Click through to preview the album.

One of the social network banners created from the album image.

One of the social network banners created from the album image.

Tom Rhodes GLOBE cover v1 Tom edit.jpg