Final concert poster

Final concert poster

Matt Fernandez - “Why does everyone hate my mirror?”

Poster Art - Social Media & Store Banners


Artwork for comedian Matt Fernandez’s Amazon Prime special - Click the banner below!

Matt Fernandez brings a whimsically dark brand of stand-up where the new show discusses such topics as travel tips, getting arrested, and dating someone who has a child.

  • Illustration

  • Poster design

  • Social Media

  • Store Banner

  • Art direction

Amazon Store and Social Network Banner image

Amazon Store and Social Network Banner image

Process - Stage 1

Initial sketch ideas

  1. Thoughtful view with female silhouette standing behind Matt

  2. Direct view, contains most elements but mirror and monster Matt can not be seen

  3. Tighter angle - will need to expand view to add rabbit. - maybe rabbit is on log looking into the mirror too.

  4. Idea for what Monster Matt could look like

  5. Shocked Matt - all elements are present though pose is looks a little theatrical

  6. Another closer view with monster Matt coming out of the mirror a little. Acid trip elements are also escaping the mirror

Process - Stage 2

Suggested sketch ideas

  1. Closest to original image sent by Matt - Shotgun instead of pistol, would probably add escaping acid trip too

  2. Slightly different angle - can see mirror side on, can see monster matt escaping 

  3. I like this view but cant see Matts face so monster needs to look more like Matt

  4. Different angle again, can see a little more of Matt's face and more of the mirror - also like the perspective

Process - Stage 3

Refine chosen sketch idea

  1. Work up the chosen idea in pencil. Starting to bring cross my comic style and detailing.

  2. Simple use of colour pencils to convey the focal point

  3. Bring in graphic elements for the poster - get sign-off from client

  4. Begin to split the image into layers

Process - Stage 4

Finished image

  1. Finish colour and texture work

  2. Bring in graphic elements for the poster - get sign-off from client