Little White Lies

Magazine cover and article illustration

(personal project)

Set by The Church of London, is to create an original cover illustration for Little White Lies magazine. I intend to demonstrate effective illustrative skills. I have chosen this brief in an effort to expand the presence of illustration in my portfolio and to try to develop a distinct style. 

‘Create an original cover illustration for Little White Lies magazine, depicting the John Boyega.
I must consider the visual setting, historical/cultural background or key visual images from the film when choosing my approach. I can work in any medium I like.The majority of Little White Lies cover illustrations depict the main character as the cover star. I have creative freedom for the background of the illustration, but I should produce a portrait of the main character as the defining focal point. I must also include the title of the film in my own typographic style.

This could be based on an existing typeface or be an original piece of hand lettering. The typography can sit on top of the illustration or be fully integrated into the composition. I must incorporate the Little White Lies masthead into the composition.

Little White Lies readers are film fans with an adventurous streak. They love cinema in all its forms, but recognise that it exists in a wider cultural tapestry, and get excited about the bigger picture.


  • Illustration

  • Typesetting

  • Layout