FleaBag - Phoebe Waller-Bridge's 'Side-eye'

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(Personal Project)

I was recently encouraged to watch this British TV show from comic actress Phoebe Waller-Bridge stars as the titular character, a dry-witted woman, known only as Fleabag, who possesses no filter, as she navigates life and love in London while trying to cope with tragedy. An angry, grief-riddled woman tries to heal while rejecting anyone who tries to help her, but Fleabag continues to keep up her bravado through it all.

The thing kept me constantly amused was the fact that she’d continually break the fourth wall, using ‘Side-eye’ looks at the camera to share her thoughts with the audience on feminism, familial tension, sodomy, or, in her own words, “a greedy, perverted, selfish, apathetic, cynical, depraved, morally bankrupt woman.”

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