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Monkeys vs Robots Ltd. Alias of Freelance Graphic Designer & illustrator Derren Toussaint.

I’m a Designer and Artist, with many years of experience in different creative and non-creative fields. This encompasses a broad portfolio of design achievements, which cover Print Design, Concept Design and Illustration. Over time, this has lead to an increasingly recognisable visual design and art style.

For my Creative Director work in Branding, Digital Design, UX/UI Design please visit:

In three words: adaptable, creative, and reliable.

I am available for contracts or commissions, and I welcome inquiries for collaboration on projects of all types.

No matter where you are in the world, I remotely to design your logo, brochure, magazine, adverts, editorial layouts, mobile apps, websites etc, etc fact any marketing materials that make your company look professional and stand out from your competitors.

Previous Clients have been: Square-Enix, Santander, Ted Talks, Eidos games, Localiseme, Orange Mobile Communications, among many other companies and teams, great and small.

Let’s talk about your project and what I can do for you. 

Please find below a link to my professional C.V. 

C.V. - Derren Toussaint

Linkedin profile - Derren Toussaint


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