Bond 25 = New 007!

Lashana Lynch 007 wip 2.jpeg

Lashana Lynch as the new 007. (Not the new James Bond). A ballsy move on many levels in this climate where we hate change but complain when changes aren’t made🙄🙄🙄Anyhow, had intended to animate the holo-cube but it requires more learning, so will attempt on another piece 






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Rutger Hauer - Pure Genius


As a youngling my introduction to Rutger Hauer wasn’t Blade Runner but the Pure Genius’ Guinness TV ads! In the best one, Hauer has a secret, and can’t tell anyone. While sitting in a barber’s chair with a hot towel pulled from his face, he insists you’ll only be able to hear his message if you’re telepathic. Then, for about 10secs, Hauer takes a long sip of his Guinness while silently staring into the camera. No words are exchanged until, with his secret “revealed,” he says, “Thank you for listening.” A classic!! Loved pretending that we understood and knew the message!

Happy belated #AIiensDay #Aliens40th (always late to the party) Actually forgotten that I did this Ripley piece 



Cherno Samba CM 01/02 Infographic

It seems my connection to #ChampionshipManager continues 18 odd years after it began with an illustration of #Champman wonderkid/legend @cherno_samba! - an article by Dave Black @cm9798 for @rowzonline .


Design Sketching: ‘Pill Dispenser’

From the archive: This account has been suffering design wise I thought I might start posting my #designsketches, #graphicdesign #scamps and #UX #wireframe WIPs alongside my studio mate Paul Leon (

Richie Tenenbaum (Luke Wilson) - From Wes Anderson's "The Royal Tenenbaums" Day 1 of #inktober2018

Richie Tenenbaum (Luke Wilson) - From Wes Anderson's "The Royal Tenenbaums"
Day 1 of #inktober2018 (yeah I'm always fashionably late to the party) I think its safe to say that i'll be on a more dysfunctional schedule to everyone else. So i'll be leaning into that theme and drawing #WesAndersonmovies #inktober #inktober2018

Day 1 Richie Tenenbaum.png

The Queen of Soul. Aretha Franklin.

A quick tribute to - The Queen of Soul. Aretha Franklin. 
The body may no longer be with us but her spirit lives on through memory & the music. Her HUGE voice lit even the darkest of rooms. Could get even the hardest of men to break out and sing the chorus to THINK! A voice that demand and deserved #Respect
#ArethaFranklin #RIP

aretha franklin.jpg

"It's a summer thing!"

A little cover art for the guy who provides the soundtrack to the summer over here at Monkeys Vs Robots Studios, DJ Tom Waine!  - His latest #Soulful House mix features tracks by: 

Hardage, Gil Scott-heron, Boris Dlugosch, Purple Disco Machine, Karen Harding, Sophie Lloyd, Dames Brown, Nova Fronteira, Robert Owens & Groove Assassin and more.

Hit the link, feel the summer -

Its a Summer Thing mix cover.jpg

"Spider-man of Paris"

Quick doodle of the - Spider-man of Paris - Woke up yesterday to the news of heroic rescue in Paris. An astounding video of a Malian migrant literally climbing 4 floors on the outside of a building to save a young child hanging from a balcony. Amazing scenes! Proof true heroes come from all walks of life! 

Paris Spider Man 3.jpg

"Runway Gas Mask" collection available for print

As requested I've made the "Runway Gas Mask" collection available for print on my Society6 page. Thanks and enjoy! - 

Click the image or the link to shop:

Click the image or the link to shop:


As smog masks become a major necessity in China’s large cities, so increases the desire for masks that are both effective and stylish.

Enter the gas mask for fashionistas. This active-information respirator ensures wearers are protected at all times whilst becoming a staple in their modern wardrobe.

The device incorporates a particle detection system which allows the user to directly monitor the surrounding air quality using their smartphone. Additionally, the smart app provides real-time data degradation and quality of the filter.

Go here to see the images in the Illustration section of the site: